Top Tips For Finding A Stevenage Based Builder

We know how hard it is to find a good Stevenage based builder so we thought we’d provide our top tips for success…

1. Find someone who you feel you can trust

Whatever your project, it is important that you use a builder who fills you with confidence. Your builder should be trustworthy and reliable, you’ll probably be spending a lot of money with them. If there are ANY warning signs then walk away!

2. Preparation and planning is key 

Make sure you go through every intricate detail of the project before you start. If there are complications with your project you are less likely to have any issues if everything has been discussed before hand.

3. Building a positive relationship with your builder

Building a positive relationship with your builder will only be a good thing! Happy tradesmen may find more efficient ways of doing things, helping to add value to our home and for you to enjoy both the project and the result.

4. Safety first!

A good building site should always be kept clean and tidy with all workers wearing the correct attire. Make sure that whoever you choose has the right health & safety procedures in place at all times.

5. Ask around…

Recommendations from friends and neighbours are important and useful, as well as getting references from the builder you plan to choose. Any builder who can’t or won’t give references should not be considered.

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Hopefully you’ll find this information useful and it will go some way to helping you to choose a builder in Stevenage or surrounding areas. If you’d like to contact us to discuss moving your project forward the please don’t hesitate to get in touch by calling 07834 160487 or by emailing us at